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Welcome to Powered by Evidence, a podcast by the Global Evaluation Initiative. We are a global partnership of organizations that help governments and public institutions create robust, country-owned monitoring and evaluation systems. In this podcast, we invite experts from our international network - and other special guests - to explore new ideas and revisit challenges still un-solved. We examine failures, reflect on successes, and discuss ways forward. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

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Monday Jan 30, 2023

Join host, Dugan Fraser, as he chats with Estelle Raimondo, Methods Adviser at the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group about the current state of evaluation. In her thought-provoking keynote address to the 14th European Evaluation Society conference in Copenhagen in June 2022, Estelle Raimondo and her colleague, Peter Dahler-Larsen, proposed that the institutionalization of evaluation has resulted in it becoming a performative practice.  Raimondo proposes several approaches for improving the value - and reviving the promise - of evaluation.  

Thursday Nov 03, 2022

How can we transform monitoring and evaluation (M&E) into a more adaptive, emergent process to address uncertainty and complexity in today's world?  How do we move from compliance and accountability to learning – to support better, more timely decisions?  Join GEI Program Manager, Dugan Fraser, as he discusses these questions and others with Special Guest, Søren Haldrup, from the United Nations Development Program's (UNDP) Strategic Innovation Unit where he manages UNDP's innovation facility and leads a new initiative called the M&E Sandbox.

Wednesday Jun 22, 2022

What makes monitoring and evaluation systems effective? What approaches should we use to support the building of M&E systems that provide short-term and long-term value? Listen to Dugan Fraser, Program Manager, GEI, and Patricia J. Rogers, Independent Consultant and Founder/former-CEO of BetterEvaluation as they discuss M&E system development, using examples from their decades of experience in the evaluation field.

Monday Mar 07, 2022

What is the role of evidence and data in helping us address gender inequities?  How can monitoring and evaluation (M&E) efforts help women and girls around the world? Join us for a special episode of “Powered by Evidence” for International Women’s Day.  Get ready for a deep dive on topics around data, M&E and gender.  
[02:50] Why is bridging the gender data gap important?
[09:52] What is women's empowerment and when should we measure this concept when conducting evaluations?
[17:20] What are some of the challenges in measuring women's and girls’ empowerment and other gender dimensions, and what can we, as evaluators, do to mitigate these challenges?
[37:02] What kind of capacity development support for evaluators is needed to ensure that these gender dimensions are included in evaluation more broadly?
[46:33] Examples where successfully integrating gender dimensions into evaluations or research created a change in a policy or program.

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Friday Mar 04, 2022

Friday Mar 04, 2022

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